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One Piece chapter 1019 spoilers: OnePiece - Reddit ,Title- "Heliceratops"

One Piece chapter 1019 spoilers: OnePiece - Reddit ,Title- "Heliceratops"

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  • One Piece chapter 1019 spoilers

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Title- "Heliceratops"

- Sanji Vs. Queen at the beginning of the chapter, we also see Zoro who's been given the recovery injection

- Luffy seems to wake up in the Heart Pirates submarine and yells "Nikuuuuu~~~ !!!" (Meat)

- Franky Vs. Sasaki. The title of the chapter is an attack by Sasaki.

- There is a comment by someone (Sanji?) that Franky is/would be interested in Queen's tech.

- Franky uses Radical beam on Sasaki and is also thrown high by one of latter's attack (maybe the one after which the chapter is titled)

- The great part of the chapter is the combat between them and it seems that the duel is decided.

- The final part is Kaidou Vs. Yamato, where we see their (Yamato's) hybrid form. I (the provider) don't know what their DF is yet

- Kaidou says he had a hard time getting the DF that Yamato ate.

- Yamato ate it (because they were hungry) even though Kaidou hadn't thought of giving it to them.

Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1019 Pics & Summaries

One Piece Chapter 1019 spoilers: Luffy, Zoro likely to return after their recovery , after a week break, the Japanese manga, One Piece Chapter 1019 is returning this Sunday, July 18, 2021, at 11 am EST.

It will also drop at different times worldwide, so the global international audience can go through it. The manga enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the storyline of One Piece Chapter 1019.

The illustrator Eiichiro Oda is ready to bring out the much-awaited chapter of the Japanese manga.

  • What could be seen in One Piece Chapter 1019?

One Piece Chapter 1019 would tell more about the legendary Sun God. In the previous installment, we got the details on Whos Who's past and Nika, the legendary Sun God. After listening to the story of the legendary Sun God, Whos Who got the self-confidence to survive in the prison.

He managed to escape from the prison and back to battle. Besides, we also came to know the fierce battle between Jinbei and Whos Who. During the battle, Whos Who curses Shanks as he runs away from Gomu Gomu no Mi.

However, the plan didn't work out since Luffy has taken and uses the Devil's fruit before it goes to Shanks.

But Shanks didn't punish Luffy as he likes him. Additionally, Whos Who got angry at Shanks as he has given his hat to Luffy.

On the other side, Luffy is ill. One Piece Chapter 1019 might tell about Luffy's health and recovery. If he gets well, he might return to the battle. In Chapter 1018, Momonosuke announces that soon Luffy will return to the battle.

The Straw Hats and the Samurai team still have faith in Luffy, who disappeared after defeated. Although Kaidou sent Luffy's disappearing message to all the people of the island, still everyone believes Luffy will return to fight against kaidou.

  • One Piece 1019 release date: Spoilers for next chapter

One Piece 1019 spoilers Spoilers for One Piece 1019 will be released around 14th and 15th July when the raw scans become available.

However, we can have a few predictions about where the chapter might head based on previous instalments, with the most prominent focus likely to be the fallout from Jinbe and Who’s Who’s fight.

Even if Who’s Who is down, we do expect him to rise again – there will likely be a few uses of the Awakened Devil fruit before this series ends. The Cipher Pol are chasing him also, and may well be the ones to finish him off for good.

We’re also likely to find out more about the Sun God Nika seeing as the figure played such a key role in the last chapter, and Jinbe certainly did seem to know of the legend. We may even have a reveal of the Sun God in 1019, with a fan theory that this figure may actually be Luffy.

The Beast Pirates are also after Tama after she turned the tide of the war, so hopefully chapter 1019 will show her escaping their clutches.

There may also be another fight in the next chapter – a fan theory suggests that Zoro, now enhanced with Miyagi’s special medicine, will join the chaos at the Live Stage and start a yonko-level fight with King the Conflagration. Alternatively, we may also see a continuation of Sanji and Queen the Plague’s battle.

There’s an outside chance we may see more of the Numbers also, with five more still to be introduced.

One Piece chapter 1019 spoilers: OnePiece - Reddit ,Title- "Heliceratops" online


Since the next chapter is not coming out this weekend, the raw scans and spoilers are also not available at the moment.

But there are many possibilities that the new chapter can undergo. We saw that on Tama’s request, more than three hundred Gifters switch side with the Straw Hats. The next chapter might look at more betrayals on Kaido’s side.

Since the serpent king himself is out of the fight, it seems likely for his loyal man to leave the battle in the face of defeat. Moreover, the previous chapter left the story at a cliffhanger with Jinbe and Who’s Who facing one another.

The battle between them has still not concluded. Thus, fans can still root for the Blue Giant because his opponent is standing firm. Lastly, we can also expect Kaido to arrive at the end of One Piece Chapter 1019 since the big Luffy vs. Kaido is still due in this battle.